NF's "Best Bad Sequel" Match #29: Nutty Professor II vs. The Matrix Reloaded




The Rules – Voting

• Everyone is free to place a vote for the film that they think is the superior of the two (for whatever reason), and the first picture to receive 10 votes will proceed to the next round of voting, and so on and so forth until a winner is crowned.

• Obviously you’re free to complain, but don’t have a straight up fit if your film of choice gets eliminated.

• While not mandatory, it’s somewhat recommended that you give some kind of reasoning behind your vote rather than simply placing it in the poll and bouncing; there’s opportunity for some fun and interesting conversations here.

• If a situation arises where sufficient time has passed without a film reaching 10 votes, the winner will be the film with the most. If time expires with a tie, the winner will be decided by another means.

• and have fun