Other Computer restarts on Prime95 max power test



Hi all,

I have the following old rig -

CPU - Intel Core2Duo E4500 2.2GHz(Oc'ed to 2.5GHz)
Ram - Corsair DDR2 2x2GB DDR2 800 1.8V
Graphics card - MSI 8800GT factory OCed
HDD - 1x 320GB 7200RPM with Linux MInt 17.2 64bit
1x TB 7200RPM with Win7 32bit
PSU - Corsair VX450W
Case - CoolerMaster RC330

I have been having random computer restarts since a few months. Even after getting the motherboard repaired twice, the problem still occurs. Thinking it was a problem with the electrics in my house, I shifted the computer to a friend's place.

I ran the blend test for 24 -35 hours with the following configs and it never restarted.

320GB HDD only, 1TB HDD only, Both HDDs but under linux, Both HDDs but under Win7, 'System Voltage Control' in BIOS to Auto, OC'ed to 2.5GHz Auto Voltages.

Then I ran the full power consumption test with the cpu OC'ed to 2.5GHz and auto voltages under Windows 7. The system restarted after about 12 hours.

I then ran the same test on stock speed with auto voltages and it restarted again after about 9 hours.

I cant quite figure out what the problem is. Any suggestions? I have attached a screenshot of HWmonitor when the ssytem was on stock clocks and auto voltage setting. http://i.imgur.com/hBVx3MA.jpg