Personal Attachment to your boats



I know the saying goes "The 2 happiest days of boat ownership and the day you buy it and the day you sell it", but I recently sold a boat I liked a lot-- and to be honest-- it was tough to do it, I went back and forth about selling it. I got personally offended when the tire kicking mafia tried to pick the boat apart to beat me down on price. I guess I was attached to the boat. I have other boats, so it wasn't about not having a boat.
I started thinking about all the different boats I have had-- and it was hard for me to sell every one of them, even though I knew the new sled offered more or was better suited to my needs.
I still reminisce about a Kenner 21 I had-- and the boat that replaced it was a Tran 2480 XLR8 with much more power,speed, range and room.
I mean when I get a new boat, I shop for new stuff for it electronics, gadgets, tackle, get excited about using it, think about it all the time, talk about it, it becomes my passion. Even if I am not using it, or haven't in a while, like 2 of my other boats, I would still have a hard time selling them. I think I might have a problem.
Am I a nut for this or are there others with this affliction?