Plex/Home server build



Hi all,

Looking for a critique of a possible build I've come up with. It's for a server that'd be used for running a Plex server (and I'd like to comfortably do 2 1080p streams + some room to run websites or game servers). I figured a Xeon E3 would probably be the best bet, but I'm unsure whether I should really care much about moving up to a E3-1246v3 for hyperthreading?

Any thoughts on the Toshiba drives I've selected? I'm planning to either use ZFS (less likely) or ReFS and storage pools (more likely) to do mirroring with some level of data integrity (I already have a server license.)

I've seen the Avoton C2750 recommended, but it sounds like it'd bog down with just 2 streams going, leaving no real room for a game server or website hosting (I have 3-4 websites that currently are on a free AWS VM that I'd move over to my server. Only one is really critical, and I'll leave it with AWS until it's no longer won't be critical by then.)

I'm going with the 1226 (or 1246) so that I get the integrated graphics so I don't need to worry about finding a card for setup - it'll run headless otherwise.

The case I've chosen since it has a number of extra 3.5" bays I can expand into - I plan to just buy drive pairs and mirror them and skip striping with parity. 5TB is a good starting point I think.