Problems upgrading 11 to 12



Hi there,

First a summary of the problems I have with upgrading:
  • On 25-02-2014 we became an educational license PT11
  • I didn't visit the AVID website, after successful installation, again for more than 1.5 year.
  • Last week I studied the website for upgrading PT11 EDU to PT12 EDU perpetual. I couldn't find any info about that.
  • Hence my thoughts where we had to buy a PT12 upgrade, in this forum I read it should be a free upgrade. (?)
  • So my conclusion whas that we had to buy: "Annual Upgrade and Support Plan" (again I didn't had a clue its free for EDU, simply couldn't find info)
  • However we don't mind to pay for good products, so no hard feelings at the end.
Downloaded upgrade 12.2, installed, went flawless with this result:
  • However we have payed for the "Annual Upgrade and Support Plan" we can NOT reach support.
  • However we have payed for "Annual Upgrade and Support Plan" we DO NOT have all the "bonus plugins"
  • We encounter broken links, faulty information on the website, to call it at the least a "fuzzy website" experience.
  • Two days later, the teacher of my company and me have got blurry vision after hours and hours staring at the AVID website.
I like a humorous approach of this kind of setbacks so my conclusion is that (as a master in electronics for the past 32 year) its more likely that I will design a complete new space shuttle then learning to understand the avid website. :)
So AVID you can do better, come on!

Please be so kind to explain: If we did something wrong and what we did wrong.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,