PT10 interfaces - please help!



Hi All,
I'm in need of a new PT interface: I'm using a MacPro dual quadcore Intel Xeon, running Pro Tools 10.3.9. The interface can be either USB or firewire, but I need something that isn't a total sh*tshow. I just had yet another interface die on me, and Avid's support is nothing short of terrible.

I've been through a 001, 002, all versions of MBox, and--most recently--a Fast Track Ultra 8R. Ideally, I need a rack unit with at least 8 ins/outs, preferably adat and spdif connections, and the ability to run 44, 48, 88, and 96K sample rates.

Please let me know what you're using and if it interfaces well with PT10. I'm pretty desperate for a solution, here. Thanks!