Recommend a LED flashlight please



Hey guys I want to buy a quality flashlight and I don't know anything about them. We want a light to walk our dog during the night, possible defense, and general use for occasional tasks at home, and also carry it with me in my vehicle. I really want to buy something decent. Budget is up to $100 but could probably do a bit more than that.

I went to Lowes last night to see what they had, and noticed a Coast HP7 Pro (360 lumens) that seemed well made, so I bought it. Haven't opened it yet. When I got home I just decided to search for reviews in google and ran into this website.

Looks like the Surefire and Fenix are commonly mentioned here. There are just so many models, I am not sure what to go with. The Surefire G2X Pro seems to be a good light. Not sure.

Should I return that coast hp7 and get something else? I saw posts here that claim the light gets really dimmed after a few minutes of use. That looks suspect.

What brand/light would guys recommend?

Thanks a lot