Remap & Warranty Questions



*Before the forum trolls jump on my thread... I have done a search on here with limited answers*

Hi All,

Firstly... M235i estoril blue 2015/16 I am in love!!

I currently own the above and reside in the UK. Luckily we have an excellent tuner in the UK known as Lichfield Imports. They are currently developing their 410BHP (with support mods) tune via the OBD port and look to release within the next two weeks. Now the girlfriend moans at me for 'being greedy' wanting more power but guys where do we stand with warranty?

My thoughts are this... car is remapped via ODB port. Car has said warranty issue. I then reflash the ECU back to standard and deliver the car to said BMW dealership. BMW dealership check ECU and find no modifications... sounds too good to be true right? Now... can BMW see that the ecu has been flashed (all be it to the standard map) from a flash can on the board? I really don't want to wave goodbye to my warranty.

Thoughts and answers more than welcome :thumsup: