Report for Baja



I came down with a buddy for a couple weeks to watch the Baja 1000. We're traveling in his Sportmobile van, 4x4, RV type set up, and rugged trailer with out bikes.

We got to Jesus Maria and my friend say "we're turning left up here..." and I'm like :wtf as there was no road or anything that looked like one. 20 seconds later we're cutting thru open desert on the suggestion of a path headed for the Sea of Cortez, which I know is a long way off. It's 3:00.:wow sun down @ 5:00. But its beautiful! Went past a couple houses and an old mining camp, then the sun went down. At times were bashing shrups and cactus at 60 mph thru sand washes, in the dark, but there's a led lite bar that makes day light for us. No problem! Finally a hundred miles later we arrive in San Franciscito, a building by the sea. Had the best frickin fish tacos and a few beers.

Yesterday we rode down to a fishing town. My buddy is a maniac on a dirt bike, so I'm in 6th gear wide open to keep up with him in deep sand! Weee! Bought a huge yellowtail tuna for $6 an ate it for dinner.

Life is good...:teeth