RIP Paiste 2002 22" crash...


Road Bull

So while at practice today, I noticed a small crack at the edge of my left side crash. I was pretty bummed. I had not broken much up till recently. First my top 15" SE 2002 HH, now, my 22" crash. My HH was still under warranty so that was replaced, but I bought this used. I can'r really complain as I didn't pay full price, and I have been playing it for a bit over two years with a lot of use.

Time fore replacement. I am considering everything from sucking it up and purchasing a new one, to biding my time to try to find a used one, to going another route altogether. On the surface, buying new seems the hardest as it is a fairly expense cymbal. Used may not happen any time real soon, at least not the same. I might just go with, lets say, a 2002 20" Ride instead. We play fairly heavy loud music.

On the one hand, many would say, "that's going to sound like hitting a sewer lid." But I think I might just be able to get away with it. Many bands that I am into use the same approach. Most of their 2-3 cymbals are rides. I have all rides for my home practice kit and it seems to work alright, (Zildjian 24" Med Ride, 21" Sweet Ride, and 20" K Ride). The K sounds most sewer lid when played solo, but when playing with amps, it sounds just right. So I think I might just go with a 20" 2002 Ride as they are relatively easy to find, and fairly cheap when used.

Sort of thinking THIS sound>>

Have any of you done something similar?