Russian Med. Crew Skills suggestions



Hey everybody,

I have almost finished my second skill for my Russian Med. crew. This crew will eventually go into the T-62A. Right now I am at the T-44.

I need some advice as far as the next skill to select. Right now the crew has

Commander: Brothers in Arms, Sixth Sense

Gunner: Brothers in Arms, Snap Shot
Driver: Brothers in Arms, Preventative Maintenance
Loader: Brothers in Arms, Safe Stowage

I was thinking of going repairs or camo, with the possibility of Off-Road Driving or Smooth Ride for the driver, but was wondering what you think.

Also, I am mostly training Preventative Maintenance and Safe Stowage for the T-44, which, I have heard, is a tinderbox. However, I am wondering if I will need these skills after the T-44, when this crew is in the T-54 and T-62A. If I don't need them, I will reset them and pick another skill/perk that I think would help more, but am not sure how fragile the T-54 and T-62A's engines and ammo racks are.

Thanks in advance for the answers.