Santa Clara meet-up Tuesday Oct 13 at 6 PM



Last meet up was a great success! Lots of good folks talking about and shooting cool guns. I think it was had the highest attendance so far! We had 7-8 lanes most of the night. If it keeps going like this, I will probably look into renting an entire bay for the meet-ups.

Lots of cool guns. The KSG with 3" slugs was a shoulder wrecker...but mighty fun! And talk about a boom! Thing sounded like a cannon!

Thanks to all for attending.

Next meet info.
Where: Reeds indoor range Santa Clara. (
When: Tuesday October 13, 2015 at 6:00PM-whenever (we have been pretty much making them kick us out at closing time. )
Who: Everyone

Come one come all. It's a lot of fun. Meet some cool people, shoot a bunch of different guns, earn bragging rights (especially if you beat me at darts), I'm gonna try and get a few simple competition things going on for everybody to participate in, possibly win some cool prizes but more for just bragging rights. And BTW, I'm still the reigning darts champion. Few have defeated the great and powerful SonofWWIIDI. Those who have bested me...cough, cough Sully, cough, cough...I demand a rematch!!!!


Post up in this thread if you plan to attend or if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing a few regulars and hopefully a bunch of people who keep meaning to go!

Additionally, I'm considering an outdoor range meet up for next month (or maybe the week immediately following the 10/13 event) at Sunnyvale gun club. They apparently are open on Tuesday night until 9 PM. Please post up here or PM me your level of interest. 1-10. 1 being "would not attend", 10 being "wouldn't miss it", and wether the following week would work better than replacing the indoor meet the following month.

If I get enough interest I'll start another thread about it.