Sold 2 pro stories... and purchased another. :)


Katrina S. Forest

I've been pretty quiet lately, I know. But I figured if I'm going to come back after being quiet so long, it might as well be with good news.

I finally (after almost eight years of trying) made my very first sale to an SFWA pro market -- my short story, Pidgin, is now up at Flash Fiction Online. :)

Then, a couple weeks later, I made my second sale to an SFWA pro market. My story "Water, Floor, Leaves" is going to be in the October issue of Crossed Genres. (I'm actually being featured as their spotlight new author that month.)

Finally, I've also been fortunate enough to be on the staff of Urban Fantasy Magazine since July. One of my fun duties is asking well-known authors if they will write an original story for our magazine. And last month, one of my favorite authors, Jonathan Maberry, said yes. His story "Ink" is now available in our September issue. :)

So, yeah, you could say it's been a fun couple of months for me.