Specific platooning. B1/DW2 or Pz I/LightVic/T7 car.



Hello people! I'm guest273 and I'm searching for:

1) People who have one or more of the above mentioned tanks - French B1, German DW2, German Pz I, US T7 Combat Car, British Light Vickers.

2) People who are also good on these tanks.

  • Average damage of 220-240 or more on Pz I/Light Vic/T7 Traffic Car.
  • Average damage of 600 or more on B1/DW2.

What is the point? Why I'm searching?

You see Pz I/Light Vic/T7 City Car. Are tier 2 tanks that only meet maximum tier 2 opponents. No tier 3's ever. Makes sense to platoon those 3 together!

Kind of same story with B1/DW2. Those are tier 4 heavy tanks which meet maximum tier 5 opponents. They never see tier 6 unlike others of the same tier. Makes sense to also play those together!

They are great for casual relaxation! Also B1/DW2 are great WN8 makers, if that's what's interesting you. With a bit of communication, it's also nice win rate making!

Don't get this the wrong way. I just have these tanks sitting in my garage, rarely playing them, because I want to play them maximally efficient. Rarely anyone on my friends-list has them.


P.S. I'd also like to help people - tutoring beginners while I play with an account that get's me the T95E2 for the refer a friend program. So also recommend me some people whoa re newbies with ts3 who speak English. Thank you.