Spikeless Golf Shoes?



So I played a quick round last night and ran into a friend wearing Callaway X-Link Spikeless ball golf shoes and was pretty impressed. The course still had some mildly slick spots and he was still getting good grip, told me that he feels much more stable in them than his old Keens and that they've work very well over the last two seasons.

I've always used Callaway Cleated golf shoes and love them. They are comfortable, fairly light, breath very well, and my pair has lasted for years through rigorous seasons of ball golf.

Okay. So. My longwinded question... Has anyone else tried spikeless golf shoes? The Callaway X-Links have Vibram soles, are only 15oz per pair, have a breathable mesh top, good looking tread without being nasty on concrete teepads, and my friend tells me they're about 80% waterproof (could easily be solved with a spray)

Only problem, they're kinda ugly.

But at about $40-$50 for Vibram soled Callaway shoes, I'm pretty tempted to give them a try! Huge savings over Merrells or Keens.

Anyone else have any experience with this type of shoe?