Surefire L4 Custom Triple Nichia219B



Surefire L4 Custom Triple Nichia219B

This is Surefire L4 with Triple Nichia 218B
1. Surefire L4
2. Nichia218B Hi CRI Triple LEDs (Link)
3. Noctigon Copper MCPCB (Link)
4. Custom Cooper Heatsink
5. Carclol 10507 optic lens
6. 18mm Bored body to fit unprotected 18650 cell
7. Linear 3000mA on High circuit (Link)
More photos are

You can chose what you preferred mode option.
Tell me your mode before I send it to you.
If you do not tell me any mode, I will send it default mode.
And KL4 head's thread is not glued with loctite. It means it can be used with water condition. Not waterproof. If you want waterproof, add epoxy or loctite on thread.
No battery.

Shipping is registered airmail.
I can send it to Worldwide.

Paypal only.

If you have any questions, send message.

Thank you.

List Date: 11/15/2015

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