Thankful Thursday Chat - September 17



Very thankful for the bonus of summerlike days this week. We are going up to 82º for the next three days with nice cool temperatures at night. Right now we are in a peasoup fog, typical fall morning weather.

Not sure what the day has in store so I am going to grab control of it myself. The front flowerbed needs some deadheading and maybe even a few weeds removed. I am well mulched but there are always a few sneaky dandelions that manage to grow.

The Mill is closed to the public but we did have a tour booked yesterday which Anna handled. Tomorrow a private school group will be there for 8:30! Chris, our miller, will be there to explain the milling process and may even do some grinding so the kids can see. Anna and I will ride herd.

Time to lug the trash to the road and crank up the day. Both dogs are zzzzing away on the chairs in the parlour preparing for a day of guarding the house and yard. I'm thankful for their devoted protection. ;)

Have a thoughtful and thankful day!