the world of Azeroth time is a very vague concept


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the world of Azeroth time is a very vague concept. In the game, players have repeatedly visited the bronze dragon located Tanaris desert lair - Caverns, experience a variety of 'crossing' story. But players are often involved in the historical events themselves have questions, Darkscape Gold did not think the interpretation of the term column Curse of Flesh critically acclaimed, many players said that these things have been confused story in Runescape, although seen a lot of information, but are scattered, a rare one can explain in detail the article. The author of staff - one of Jiu Jiu shoes, after seeing the first article, we ask you to write an overview of the timeline, because through Azeroth is too complicated ...... this issue, we Take a look, Azeroth's timeline. What is the timeline? For many players.