Time spent playing




I really enjoy that I spend a lot less playing time (real world time) building up a character than back in the old days.

A couple of weeks ago I took a Half-Troll warrior to lvl 50/4950´ in about 12 hours of playing time. For fun I took a human warrior today to lvl 30/2150´ in less than two hours. I was helped a bit by finding pseudo-dragon scale mail of resistance at 50´ (9 feeling), which is the best item I´ve found at 50´ ever.

Sometimes things goes a bit too fast. A few weeks ago I managed to sell my only artifact item, and my only piece of armor, Hithlomir, at the black market, with no chance of buying it back. Morgoth knows how I managed to press that stupid key combination. So I had to go for the best armor they had in the stores, which was a Robe +2! A lot of weaker characters would commit suicide by less, but I kept on. Was rewarded by finding Balance Dragon Scale Mail shortly after.

How long do you other guys spend playing a winning character?