Type 2605



This is a new tier x that was added in the last update. This is what I've noticed so far

My opinion


1. Strong frontal armor that can resist shots from most Tier X tanks like Heavies and Mediums

2. Huge amount of HP

3. Good damage per shot similar to the E100 but with better penetration.

4. Good gun depression


1. No 1 target for Artillery due to its large size and weak armor. Unlike the Maus and E100 the Type 2605 will take massive damage from arty shots.

2. Frontal Armor is pretty much worthless since the game is full of Tank Destroyers and Gold Spammers who will have 0 issues on penetrating it.

3. Only The front hull is well armored. The other parts are like paper.

4. Looks ugly as hell. Its a direct ripoff of the Tier 5 Chi Nu.

5. Ammo rack is located in the turret cheeks which can easily be penetrated by any Tier X guns.

Here are the questions I'd like to know

1. Is it any good compared to other tanks?

2. Will this be a tank that is recommended for clan wars