U-F-X Ultimate Fighter X Are Recruiting " Stronk " Players!



U-F-X Are an international clan that focus on doing Strongholds and Clanwars. Each day we take part in Strongholds and every night around 19:00 - 20:00 Cest we take part in Clanwars. We also take part in other Clan Battles, like WGLEU and Ranked Team Battles. Also we like to have a laugh on Teamspeak and platoon at the same time Before & After Clanwars, however some nights we will have to practice in Training Room to become better players! All players in clan speak English, however we have people from all around Europe. In the clan we have Livestreamers that are popular, so the clan is well known.

Requirements ...

- 1950+ Overall WN8
- 2200+ Recent WN8
- 55%+ Win Rate
- Take Part In Active Clanwars & Strongholds

- Min.2 Clan War Tanks
- Min 2300 Damage In Tier 10 Tanks

- Be Active Around 19:00 - 22:00

Clan War Tanks Needed

- T37

- Cromwell

- M6

- KV-85

- VK2801

- IS-3


- Ru-251

- T-54 Lightweight

- Is-7

- T110E5

- AMX 50B

- Maus

- E-100

- T110E4

- T110E3

- Object 140 / 430

If you would like to join U-F-X you can Apply for the clan, or ask an Officer of the clan to join, or you can come on our Teamspeak 3 and we can talk

Teamspeak 3 - Evolution.000.xxx