Unrealistic but "kindofmakinggamemorefun" idea


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1. When u die, u are not completely out of the game but u could still help ur team in minor ways. U would chose one ally which ship u wanna help. Then the captain (player) of the ship need to accept u first. Then u choose which part of the ship u wanna control.

What first come to my mind that u could choose only from things which main captian of the ship cant control:

A: manually shooting from AA guns (ye i know they are made like AOE dmg now but they would REWORK it and everyone buy new CPU to handle it

B: manually control the fighter plain. I mean not control him like a player just point and click but like normal pilot kind of gameplay. U control flying, aiming ,shooting, everything.

C: manully control one of the CV planes. U could also choose to control one TB. (imagine u need to land on moving CV and u crash and set the CV on fire, thats kind of ruining my idea

Then i thought about controlling one cannon or torpedo tubes (thats sound more boring but easier to implement). Also a capatin of the ship (player) would first accept what u wanna control. And last but not least everything what will be controlled buy another player will be slightly more powerful than controlled by AI/random , like AA more powerful when player control them, figheter plane more powerful, TB more powerful (u got only one torpedo tho).

2. (Optional) When u die u cannot just choose which ship u wanna help. BEfore ur ship is destroyed u need to jump of the ship (ship then become uncontrolable). Then u need to swim to ur ally ship (dont get hit by anything), captian of the ship will need to rescue u and then he can let u control some stuff on the ship.

I know its really hard to implement, some thing wouldnt even help the gameplay, maybe make it even worse and this is not where WG wanna go but hey, its just idea.