v5.1 - November 15 2015



v5.1 - November 15 2015
+ API: add GetTakeStretchMarkerSlope, SetTakeStretchMarkerSlope
+ API: fix TrackFX_SetPreset() return value
+ API: support spaces in section names for SetProjExtState()
+ Actions: add apply track FX to items as new take (multichannel)
+ Actions: add toggles for ripple per-track and all tracks
+ Actions window: use logical description sorting
+ Actions window: allow executing single visible action without first selecting
+ Actions window: enable enter in filter window to run action on Windows
+ Actions window: allow configuration of closing after run for doubleclick/enter, for docked and undocked states
+ Actions window: prevent truncated custom action names in the editor [t=166802]
+ Batch converter: support writing markers/regions
+ Cues: support cues/regions for reversed takes, section takes
+ Cursors: added arrange_stretchmarker and arrange_stretchmarker_rate
+ Directory cleanup: improve support for very long filenames and UTF-8
+ Editing: fix replace media item source via drag and drop [p=1594810]
+ Explode multichannel audio: handle start offsets, stretch markers, and looping items correctly
+ FX browser: allow inserting single visible FX without first selecting
+ FX browser: fix recent filter list when clear filter on close set
+ FX browser: allow switching from filter to list via enter, arrow keys
+ Freeze: automatically remove silent media from disk
+ Freeze: fix silence detection (which was inadvertently disabled in 4.16)
+ Freeze: improve render region detection for complex routing [t=168221]
+ Freeze: better handle unfreezing duplicated frozen items [t=165138]
+ Glue: add preference to loop glued items [t=167870]
+ Glue: improve glued item filename generation, make item labels consistent with files
+ Audio/midi devices: improve device error notification window, preferences to disable
+ JSFX: improve mouse behavior with touch screens or multiple mouse buttons pressed
+ JSFX: improve parameter text editing behavior (enter to commit)
+ JSFX: add export_buffer_to_project()
+ JSFX: add new 8-channel MIDI-controlled synchronized audio looper, Super8
+ JSFX: support __memtop() builtin function to query script memory size
+ JSFX: support options: maxmem=xyz up to about 32 million items
+ Keyboard: support F12-F24 keys
+ Localization: fix various localization issues, make new template LangPack available
+ MIDI: fix event corruption when handling MIDI with mixed note-on/note-off messages for the same note at the same time
+ MIDI: add option to disable pitch/CC reset on looped playback
+ MIDI: add options in Preferences/Playback to reset CC/pitch on playback start, stop
+ MIDI: make all-notes-off/pitch reset options in preferences/MIDI Devices only affect MIDI hardware devices
+ MIDI: add options for hardware reset for play/stopped modes
+ MIDI: fix relative editing of 14-bit CC pairs in editor
+ MIDI: ignore MIDI message receive after close of some buggy win32 MIDI input devices
+ MIDI: improve win32 output device shutdown sequence, notify user when a device has hung
+ MIDI: do not reset pitch at end of items
+ MIDI: chase to pitch of previous items
+ MIDI: option to disable MIDI note-on chasing
+ MIDI: remove option to reset CC on playback start
+ MIDI: send only necessary note-offs when a track is un-record-armed or un-monitored
+ MIDI: support CC multiplies/divides by non-whole values [t=168580]
+ MP3: display ID3 tags in source properties
+ Media Explorer: improve support for .LNK files, hidden/system folders on Windows
+ Media Explorer: allow configuration of column order and visibility
+ Media Explorer: improve UTF-8 support on Windows [issueid=5271] [issueid=5062]
+ Media Explorer: improve playback/preview behavior in various configurations
+ Media Explorer: increase shortcut list customization
+ Media Explorer: use a better layout when small width set
+ Media Explorer: support metadata in databases (ID3 tags, RIFF LIST-INFO, BWF descriptions)
+ Media Explorer: search improvements
+ Media item properties: do not reset take start offset when enabling section with specified position
+ OSX: improve drawing quality on on 10.10+
+ OSX: fix action support for F17-F19, NumPad enter
+ OSX: workaround various 10.11 issues
+ Parameter modulation: add option for free-running LFO (does not reset on seek/loop)
+ Performance: improve project/undo state loading performance
+ Project bay: use logical sorting
+ ReaScript: improve gfx mouse behavior with touch screens or multiple mouse buttons pressed
+ ReaScript: support __memtop() builtin function in EEL to query script memory size
+ ReaScript: use deterministic command ID string when adding scripts as actions
+ ReaVerb: fix prompt for test tone when deconvolving on OSX [t=74360]
+ Render: when rendering selected media items with tails, prevent rendering the start of the following media item
+ Search: do not treat back-tick as a quoting character, handle unterminated quotes
+ Search: support ^foo, foo$, and "foo" for matching start/end/words
+ Stretch markers: support for linear rate transitions between markers
+ Stretch markers: add action to manually edit stretch rates
+ Stretch markers: add mouse modifier context for marker rate, various rate-envelope-like behaviors
+ Stretch markers: add mouse modifier context for stretch marker double click
+ Stretch markers: adjust media item length automatically when editing stretch markers
+ Stretch markers: fix quality issues with 0ms stretch marker fade
+ Virtual keyboard: improve behavior when switching channels, octaves while notes are being played
+ VST: improve VST3 sysex handling
+ VST: prevent reset/delay on playback with Vienna Ensemble Pro VST2 [iid=5532]
+ VST: add option to not send notes-off or pitch-reset messages on stop/reset
+ VST: improve VST3 UI threading issues
+ WAVE: display RIFF LIST-INFO metadata in source properties
+ Windows: use current locale for date formatting
+ Windows: support drag and drop of file URLs