Water Pump FAILED! (need to replace)



So driving on the freeway and the car over heated and shut off, got it towed and its the waterpump, its gone.

Looked online to find a decent priced waterpump, thermostat and bolts and have found the following:

Water Pump: $435
Thermostat: $89
Bolts: $16
TOTAL: $540 (Parts)

Now the question is LABOR, I have found a couple of DIY guides and it doesn't look that hard....

Any one done the replacement DIY before? if so how hard was it?

It just looks like it will be a pain to work in such a small space.

If anyone has done it or wants to help let me know we can give it a go on my car, I can provide lots free food and drinks the whole time lol

Or if someone knows of a good mechanic who will do it for a decent price please let me know :thumsup: