What would have been your "Launch Day" offers?


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So the launch day is all seeming very flat, so far, and the offers (if you can call them that) are under-whelming. So if you were head of PR or Promotions for WG what would have been your Launch Day package?

Mine would be as follows:

  • 30 Days Premium @50% discount
  • 1 free slot for all + 2 extra for 50% discount
  • x3 First Win for 7 days + 20% bonus to credits for 7 days
  • 1 Free new Premium ship for all (somewhere tier 3-5) + 1 new paid Premium ship (preferably the RN's CV Ark Royal, but that's my preference)
  • Buy the whole bundle and get 14 days extra Premium + 50% off any Premium ship in shop.

Many might not agree with my list, but my over riding point is that took me 10 minutes to come up with. WG have had months to think about this and the best they could come up with was 7 days premium and 3 slots with a measly discount. Their offer does nothing to reward people who have participated in CBT/OBT or to entice new players in to the game.