Why students should stay off of social media




On Monday, Eminem lyrics referencing a bloody school massacre were posted from the Instagram account of a San Joaquin Memorial High School sophomore.

On Tuesday, classes were canceled, and the 15-year-old was arrested on charges of making terrorist threats – a felony – and for disrupting school activity.
The school referred this to FPD who used this post to get a search warrant. They found a few guns in a basement accessible only through the closet of dad's bedroom, one of them an airsoft version of an AK47 and the son all of a sudden is planning a school massacre and sent off for a psych evaluation.

Worse yet, none of the guns are registered. Look at the pictures of the guns. If dad is the original owner and bought them back in the day, no need to register.

Dad has a problem though, he has a restraining order. Probably why they were hidden in the basement.

Never let a good gun scare story go to waste if it helps the antis cause.:eek: