Would like to be able to solar charge with a VC4 but have a few ???



Hi everyone,

I keep toying with the idea to be able to do some solar charging for my cells but am unsure of the best way to do this. The below is a list of what I currently have:

Xtar VC4 charger

A selection of AAA and AA Eneloops and Li-ion (14500, 16340, 18650, 10440).

EasyAcc Monster 20000 USB Battery Pack (this can accept 2 x 2A inputs for double speed charging)
Anker 13000 USB Battery Pack

I don't have a solar panel charger yet, but was looking at the Anker PowerPort Solar 21W model.

But my main concern is using the solar panels to power the VC4 whilst charging the cells. Being in the UK, we get the ocassional cloud pass us by, so what happens if the power output drops from the solar panel and then comes "back" again. Is this good for the VC4 charger or the cells, especially the li-ions? Or is it a case of only using the solar panels on a completely cloudless day to stop the power levels fluctuating?

Would it be better to charge the USB battery packs from the solar panels and then use these battery packs to power the VC4 etc?

I hope that someone is able to offer some advice or tips to a solar newbie.

All the best,