Writing Relative Pan Breakpoints in a Group



Can't seem to write relative pan breakpoints to a group. When command clicking a single track all tracks in the group write their new breakpoint to the same position instead of their respective positions (vertically) the way other types of automation works.

I've also noticed that let's say when using grid mode I write a breakpoint at bar 1 and bar 2 for each track with groups turned off to (so they retain their respective pan settings), once I turn the group on if I drag the bar between down, the primary track I'm grabbing moves as expected but the others move in irregular ways...maybe the left side moves correctly to its relative position but the right side just adds a new breakpoint next to the pre-existing breakpoint so that now the automation is ramping up or down. The other strange thing about that is the new breakpoint isn't on the grid. To be clear there were no pre-existing breakpoints on any of these tracks so the behavior has nothing to do with trying to drag ramping automation.

Btw: I'm using Pro Tools 12.8.0. Native MBP 2015 Sierra

Though I've searched through the manual and the Duc I cannot find a reference to this issue or anything suggesting a setting that might affect this behavior.

What am I missing?

Hopefully I've explained this clearly enough.