Writing Styles as Great Clans from Legend of the Five Rings milieu



(Warning! May be incomprehensible to people who know nothing about the L5R setting.)

Writing styles and perspectives, as told through the great clans of Legend of the Five Rings:

CRAB: "Yeah, my stuff's a little rough. Maybe because I'm busy slaying the oni of monthly rent and the goblins of keeping our damn kids fed. YOU'RE FREAKING WELCOME! On the plus side, My work is earthy as hell, if you don't mind a few mistakes and flaws."

CRANE: "My work must be perfect, I will not tolerate less, and I'll remind everyone of it when I see their mistakes. I devote my life to it! Money is secondary, honestly. But if my work is perfect, surely I will prosper! And if that doesn't pan out, my large web of influence will keep me affluent anyway."

DRAGON: "My writing is confusing as heck, but that is as it's meant to be. I am so deep that no one really gets it, but everyone knows I'm doing great things. Or maybe I'm off farting around in solitude and just SAYING that I'm writing. You really wanna come over here and check?"

LION: "I must be a good person, in my writing and all other aspects of my life. I will maintain integrity no matter what! That said, part of being a good person is striving for improvement, so I will try to be the best writer I can be, at all times. And if I screw up horribly I'll seppuku my career."

MANTIS: "Artistic integrity? HAHAHAHHAH! Give me the MONEY, HONEY! Who cares about perfection? You're not writing for other writers, your money comes from demographics who want a good story! Hit them hard, hit them fast, and ride the wave for as long as you can before sailing on to another group of marks!"

PHOENIX: "I will research many different writing styles, looking for the best way! I may get a little bogged down in the research, but that's okay! Though I don't finish many things, I have a lot of interesting fragments to play with. Money? Um... someone else handles that."

SCORPION: "Dirty tricks? Ha ha, perish the thought. Besides, hypothetically if I WERE to exploit someone, it would not be my loved ones. It would be from those who could afford it or are horrible people anyway. Listen, write what you will, I'll use my legal acumen to make sure nobody cheats us, or screws us over. Oh, and don't worry about the money. I've got that handled."

UNICORN: "Well, my techniques aren't standard, and my format's a little weird, but overall I do well. I take some crap I don't deserve, but I don't let it beat me down. And sometimes I get a real work of art! True, I've got a lot of flops, but eh, you deal with horses you get flops. Get it? Haha... ha. Man, tough crowd."